A Message from Our Founders:

Our dream began back in 1997. We were dentists and friends and wanted to create a dental practice for those who could not easily get to a dental office. As both mothers and dentists, we knew how difficult it was to take our own children to the dentist while juggling busy schedules. Working from our kitchen tables a dental safety net for children was created.

The dream turned into a startling reality. At our very first in-school visit, it was quickly apparent that most of the children we served had never seen a dentist! About half the children treated had significant dental decay, almost all of which could have been prevented. The school staff knew we were needed. A child in pain cannot learn.

What has become clear over so many years of working in schools is the compassion of the nurses, teachers, social workers, principals and so many people who work tirelessly in schools to educate and nurture children. We are honored to work with all of the caring staff we encounter.

Over the years, through our partnerships with schools, millions of children have received dental care who otherwise would never have received it. With great pride and humility we are honored to make a difference in the lives of many children. Oral health is truly the gateway to overall health.

We invite you to partner with us to help make a difference for your students.


Marcy & Margo

Dr. Marcy Borofsky & Dr. Margo Woll