Parent awareness is the most important part of making sure all your students get the dental care they need and deserve.


Let your parents know they can sign up their child online. Parents simply complete the form at to allow their child to be seen by the in-school dentist.

We hear from schools that these are the most effective ways to communicate with parents:


    The best way to get the word out to parents is through your school’s automated call system. Be sure to mention sign-up is available at Click here for a suggested script for you to record.


    Back-To-School is the best time to get parents to complete the dental permission form. Be sure to include the dental permission form with your Back-To-School or Registration Packet at the beginning of each school year.

    • Kindergarten Round-Up – Don’t forget to put the dental permission form in your kindergarten round-up/enrollment packet.

    Be sure to post the banners provided with your forms.

    • IDEA – Have students decorate a wall or your door about the dentist coming to school. Take a picture and send it to us. We’d love to see how creative they are!

    Parents and your PTO/PTA are a great way to spread the word that the dentist is coming to school.

    • Let us know how helpful a parent or your PTO/PTA has been and we’ll be sure to send them a gift as our thank you.

    Be sure to make announcements on your school’s PA system about the dentist coming to school. Here are the best times to make announcements:

    • Distribution day – To remind students to bring them home and have their parents complete, sign and return the permission forms.
    • One week AFTER distribution day – To remind students to bring the permission forms back to school and to remind teachers to return them to you.
    • Day of dental visit – Ask students to check their backpacks and teachers to check their desks. WE CAN SEE STUDENTS WHO HAND IN A PERMISSION FORM ON THE VISIT DAY.

    Email all your parents or have your teachers include information about the dentist coming to school in their parent newsletters. Be sure to mention sign-up is available at Click to download a sample letter in English and in Spanish.


    Post that the dentist is coming to school on your school or district website and social media such as Facebook or Instagram. Let your parents know they can sign-up at Download the social media graphics below.
    Social Media Graphic 1 – English
    Social Media Graphic 1 – Spanish
    Social Media Graphic 2 – English
    Social Media Graphic 2 – Spanish
    Social Media Graphic 3 – English
    Social Media Graphic 3 – Spanish

The Tooth Fairy

Yes, the tooth fairy really does exist! In select locations, we are proud to have an Oral Health Educator (aka, Tooth Fairy) visit your school. The Oral Health Educator will go from classroom to classroom with a 5-8 minute lesson on the importance of keeping teeth healthy and seeing the dentist.

Call us today at 888.833.8441 to see if the Tooth Fairy is available for your school.