Karima Lubbadeh

March 14, 2023

By Kristie Marsden

I obtained my US dental degree from Indiana University School of Dentistry, and before that I was a practicing dentist in Jordan. I am a part time dentist in a private clinic in Fishers, Indiana. I am also a volunteer dentist at a local community dental clinic. I have always been passionate about dentistry and continuously strive to explore, learn and grow. I find community dentistry to be the most rewarding field, and helping people in need fills my heart with joy. I enjoy working with kids and interacting with their unique personalities. I enjoy traveling and exploring different towns in Indiana. I hope through Smile America I can give kids healthy smiles and motivate them to take care of their oral health forever. I am a mother of two and in my free time I like spending time with my husband, children and friends, and traveling. I also enjoy running and finished a number of half marathons and enjoy exploring nature while running. Fun fact about me – I have lived on three continents throughout my life and learned six languages.